Tamborine Mountain was first settled in 1875, as a pioneering sawmill town. Timber-getters had their eyes on the abundant world-class rainforest species, used in building construction and furniture making, but their plans were soon halted by the almost impossible task of exporting their milled product from the high mountain plateau.
Mt Tamborine’s population grew slowly over the following years, with a focus on dairy farming and cream-carrying, before a mass subdivision of land in the late 1950’s. At this point many of the original dairy farms were given over to a new kind of mountain life, which revolved around tourism, avocado and fruit growing. in the rich-red  soils of this volcanic peak.

Mt Tamborine isn’t really one town, but rather an eclectic blend of interlinked communities. Stroll down Gallery Walk for a mix of intriguing character shops, cafes, art galleries and boutique wineries. You’ll enjoy rich tastings of fudge, coffee, chocolates and sorbet, linger in the antique shops or be astounded by the incredible array of art works at the different galleries. Just down the road you’ll find other small clusters of shops and on weekends look out for markets with handicrafts and local produce. Learn more about the region >>