Binna Burra Mountain Lodge Adventure Activities

Zip-line flying fox adventures, thrilling sheer-cliff abseil descents, rainforest rogaining and internationally renowned bushwalks – Binna Burra Mountain lodge prides itself in being able to offer some of the best heart-pumping action in Australia, in an historic setting on the edge of world-heritage Lamington National Park on the Gold Coast hinterland.

Binna Burra’s adventure activities are a favorite with individuals, families, school groups and corporate team building – some visitors come for the day, others choose to stay onsite in Binna Burra’s range of eco-lodge accommodation.

So if it’s adventure you seek, it’s time to choose your Scenic Rim challenge:

Points of interest

  • Feel the weightlessness as you zip-linethrough the treetops on Binna Burra's 165m long Flying Fox. Enjoy the fresh mountain air rushing through your hair and the adrenalin in your veins as you speed through the rainforest. Suitable for adults & kids.
  • Discover the thrill and heart pumping action of abseiling, as you rappel down a 10m escarpment with an 11mm diameter rope is your lifeline. Then, challenge the knee-shaking, specially selected, 40m or 90m cliff-face. This is always an unforgettable experience.
  • Rogaining (Orienteering) is often called the thought sport - testing a group's ability to make decisions and negotiate differences of opinions. A unique rainforest experience, which involves reading a detailed map of the Binna Burra area. The team who return to the Lodge first, wins!
  • Take the Ropes course and use harnesses, helmets, cables, ropes and wooden beams strung 20 to 50 feet high among trees to explore risk-taking, trust and coaching in teams. Each moment is rich with discoveries.
  • Wild walks and gentle strolls - let Binna Burra's experienced guides show you the most popular and spectacular spots as well as some lesser-known treasures in world-heritage Lamington NP.

Things to do nearby

  • If you crave National park walking tracks and rainforest experiences, look to the extensive range of national park bushwalks which surround Binna Burra Mountain Lodge and Campsite.
  • Birdwatching is also popular in this region - either sitting quietly in the national park or as part of a guided twitcher tour
  • Positioned 800 metres above sea level amidst the sub-tropical rainforest of Lamington National Park , Binna Burra is centre stage to some of Australia’s most spectacular natural features. Winding through ancient Antarctic Beech forest, along exposed escarpments and into heath-land, be amazed by the rich abundance of birds and unique wildlife that inhabit this complex and diverse ecosystem. Learn more>>